Unforgettable Love

Source: Pixabay

Sometimes, as people get older and continue to be happy with their partner, they make the statement that they’d do it all over again–in terms of getting married, being with that person.

It’s a great sentiment. One I wish more people had after years of marriage. But the sentiment is always rooted in fact, in feelings and memories that the couple have built up over time. There are no regrets because they know what happened.

But what if you did it all over again not because you remembered how great your spouse was, but because you didn’t remember them, met them again and fell madly in love again? That’s the true story of what happened to a Massachusetts couple.

The husband had Alzheimers, but his daily interactions with his wife, whom he thought of as one of his caregivers, sparked him to propose again. He fell in love with her again. He knew she was the one a second time.

It’s romantic in so many ways. Despite the sorrow of the fact that his condition is deteriorating, his love is not. His love is there. He still sees in her what he saw when he proposed the first time. If only we could all have that level of love for our partners.

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