2 – Beauty and Her Beastly Love

02_Beauty-and-her-beastly-love_nofingerIn this grown up version of Beauty and the Beast, we meet Beauty, a sheltered young girl living in the French countryside with her father. She doesn’t get out much, but her tutor has given her books that she is supposed to read privately. The books all have a rose imprinted on the cover and describe the ways in which men and women love each other. The books give Beauty ideas about pleasures of the flesh.

Just like in the traditional tale, Beauty’s father, Pierre, sets off on a journey and ends up taking refuge in an enchanted dwelling. Pierre takes a rose-covered book, like the ones his daughter reads, and is caught by the beast who lives in the manor. Pierre agrees to send his daughter in exchange for the Beast not killing him.

When Beauty arrives, she feels disappointed that she will spend a lifetime imprisoned with this beast, rather than experiencing the type of relationship between a man and a woman described in her books. Only, as she gets to know Beast, she develops an attraction to him, and Beauty discovers that she and Beast can take pleasure in each other’s company in more ways than she’d ever imagined.

Beauty and Her Beastly Love is available at Amazon.

Beauty & Her Beastly Love is Book 2 in he Passion-Filled Fairy Tales series.

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