Romance: Trysts

The Romance: Trysts series is a new set of stories that are fairly erotic in nature and focus on a couple meeting, getting hot and heavy and ending up in a romance. These are all shorter stories that run between 15 and 40 pages, so they’re a very quick read with a feel-good ending. The first Tryst was released in May 2015.  Three more were released in 2015. Depending on their reception, more may be released.

So readers can get a feel for the series, Tryst No. 1 is available FREE at most retailers and on Wattpad.


These short stories are priced so that the box set comes out as your  best deal. Get all four shorts for just $2.99 at multiple retailers. Click the image to visit the book’s page.



There are currently four stories in the Romance: Trysts series. The four covers are pictured below. The first and shortest story, Dr. Carter & Mrs. Sinn, is FREE at all retailers. The rest can be purchased for $1.99 each. Th second story, Nikki & Mike, is FREE for those who sign up for the mailing list. Click the image below for more details on the story.

trysts1DrCarterSinncoupleContrast trysts2nikkiandmikeContrast trysts3tristanblaircontrast trysts4jackandbrenda_reduced


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