5 – Finding Bliss

05_finding-bliss-02_proofFairy Princess Blissa is uncertain what to think about her father’s suggestion that he abolish the law that prohibits humans mating with fairies.

While Blissa’s cousin Maurelle is adamantly opposed to it, Blissa is trying to have an open mind. That’s when Blissa stumbles upon a human named Edmund.

As the two get to know each other, the heat grows between them and Blissa starts to see why a little love between fairies and humans might in fact be a good thing.

This is a Dream Trysts companion story that shows the middle events between Dream Trysts’ prologue and chapter one. I hope you enjoy it.

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Lastly, let me note that the Finding Bliss cover changed. The models are same, only Edmund was bare chested and Blissa’s shoulders were showing in the previous version.  I decided to change up the cover just slightly in case I wanted to advertise the book.  (I’d gotten rejected over the suggestiveness of it for a specific ad I wanted to do that requires a more sedate cover).