Keeping Love All in the Family

When it comes to love and family members, things can get tricky.

While a family member falling in love with or marrying your ex is typically the stuff of soap operas, it can happen in real life, too. The most soap opera-ish example that comes to mind is Erica Kane [on All My Children], who wed both Travis and Jackson Montgomery, and even became more popular with the brother match than her original lover. It happens in real life, in recent years with Hunter Biden falling for his dead brother’s spouse.

And most recently, it happened, in a stranger way. Another one of those stories that seems more like fiction than real life. According to the Daily Mail, an Indian woman had a heart attack and died at her wedding. The groom instead married her sister! It was shocking enough to merit a news story. That’s definitely some type of family dynamic!

What are your thoughts on love within families? If the old relationship is over, can family members move on with one who already had a bond with someone else in the family. Or is that always an “ewww” situation?

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