4 – Dream Trysts: A Sleeping Beauty Story

04_Dream-TrystsA wicked fairy who curses a child to a hundred years of slumber because she wasn’t invited to a party. Seems harsh… but the real story is so much more interesting and way sexier.

In this re-telling of Sleeping Beauty, the wicked fairy Maurelle isn’t mad at not receiving an invitation — no she’s got deeper reason for being upset at King Edmund and Queen Blissa. And little princess Briar Rose, before she’s cursed, is given the gift of dream sight, which allows her to interact with others in her dreams. All is not changed, though. Prince Charming is still, well, charming. He’s just a tad bit sexier and knows exactly how to please.

Find yourself a comfy spot and make yourself at home as you start this imaginative, adult version of the classic fairy tale.

* * *

Dream Trysts is available at Amazon.