Winner Takes All

Both Tina and Javier know exactly what they want and have a plan to get it.
Too bad they want the same thing.

Sparks fly when Tina and Javier have a chance meeting at a trendy nightspot. But when the two realize the next day that Javier is the new hire who will be competing for the vice president position at the marketing firm where Tina works, a new type of sparks fly.

As tensions rise on the job, so does the sexual tension between these two. In a bid to settle things down, these two make a deal to figure out who gets the prize. Winner takes all. Seems simple enough, but that little thing called chemistry won’t let go. Will Tina and Javier be able to keep their heat from spilling into the office and their bet, or will things get messy in the best possible way?

Get cozy and settle in for the ride on this fun-filled romp.

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