Rosetta Bloom loves romance, passion, and most of all, happily ever afters. As such, she’s chosen to write two series of books that are filled with both.

The Passion-Filled Fairy Tales series are steamy retellings of the classic stories you loved as a child. You get the happily ever after that filled your heart with joy as a young’un but also the hot passion that curls your toes as an adult. So far, there are six books in this series. Click the covers to learn more about each book. You can see all of Rosetta Bloom’s books on Goodreads.

01_The-Princess-the-Pea-&the-Night-of-Passion_reduced  02_Beauty-and-her-beastly-love_nofinger 03_Cinders-and-Ash


Romance: Trysts is a new series that focuses on short sexy trysts with a romantic bent. They’re more erotic in nature than the Passion-Filled Fairy Tales, focusing on a couple getting together for a hot time. Each book stands alone, so if you don’t wish to buy the next one in the series, you don’t have to. Each story mentions a character that will appear later in the series or one who has appeared previously in the series.

trysts1DrCarterSinncoupleContrast trysts2nikkiandmikeContrast trysts3tristanblaircontrast


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