I’ll be Online Chatting Tonight!

I’ll be online chatting tonight at Barb’s PJ Party! The chat starts at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT, and lasts about an hour. I’ll be on with several other authors, and will be giving away an ebook copy of Beauty & Her Beastly Love.  If you’d like to grab it, it’s on Amazon as both a print and ebook version.

If you’ve got a moment, I love it if you’d stop by.

May your love remain in bloom,


A bunch of 99 cents romances


04_Dream-TrystsLooking for some great romances for just 99 cents? Well, check out this romance promo. There are more than 50 books for just 99 cents. They’re all genres of romance, so if you like a little love, or are looking for a Valentine’s Day read, this is the place to go.

Dream Trysts is among the books featured in the promo. It will be 99 cents the rest of this week.  Be sure to check out the entire promo by clicking this link or the image above.

Cinders & Ash 99 cents

03_Cinders-and-AshHope you’re having a great day, so far.  I just wanted to pop in with a quick note mentioning that Cinders & Ash is on sale for 99 cents today.  This is one of my favorite fairy tale stories and I’m super excited to be able to offer it on sale today and tomorrow.

I hope you’ll check it out while it’s on sale. I’m going to raise the price on it on Feb. 7, but to 2.99 and leave it there through Valentine’s Day. Next week, I’ll be doing a two-day sale on Dream Trysts, so FYI.  And remember that Ravishing Rapunzel is going to be 99 cents throughout it’s pre-order period, so grab it while its cheap.

Big Book Giveaway – Featured Book: A Master’s Plan

I mentioned earlier this month that I was participating in the Big Book Giveaway.  As an author participant in the giveaway,  I agreed to highlight at least one of the other books that’s being given away.  So, I looked through the book list and settled on two that I think my readers might be interested in. Both these look like fun reads.  If you happen not to win, but see a book you like, do consider purchasing it or borrowing it via Kindle Unlimited or your local library (if it’s not at your local library, request they buy it. Often they’ll make purchases based on patron requests!)

mastersplan_The Master’s Plan, A Novel
By Stephany Tullis
52 reviews, 4.5 star average (Amazon)

SB is not your typical preacher’s wife. She struts her stuff in five inch stilettos, tossing a honey blonde lion’s mane Beyoncé would envy.

Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church members are less than enchanted with their Pastor’s new wife, and his daughter blames him for marrying much too soon after her mother’s sudden death.

Weary of dodging her daughter-in-law’s southern comfort punches, SB launches her master plan, a plan of life purpose where she depends on the Lord to order her steps and save her marriage. But her best-laid plans go awry when her husband suddenly goes missing, and a local politician devises a plan to suit them both – and get himself elected to the state legislature.

Unusual and atypical relationships form between government and church officials. Old and new friends, past and present family, make The Master’s Plan a ‘must read’ for everyone struggling to find purpose! (Ebook available FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers)


Don’t forget: you have until the end of the month to enter the giveaway! Good luck.

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So excited… new reviews!

01_The-Princess-the-Pea-&the-Night-of-Passion_reducedThis week, I advertised The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion (PPP) on the I Love Vampire Novels site. While ILVN seems like it’s all about vampires, it caters to lovers of romance, and the advertisement was a roaring success. The book received a ton of free downloads and when that happens, I usually get a few reviews.

Even though it’s a only been a couple of days since I’ve advertised, I’ve picked up three new reviews for PPP and one new one for Beauty and Her Beastly Love. And they were all awesome reviews. Here’s a link to a couple of them.

The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion
” This was actually a wonderful short quick read with quite a bit of sexiness. I liked that instead of the princess failing to get much sleep because of a simple pea, she had a wonderful night of passion. That then turned into a happily ever after.” (Read the complete review here.)

Beauty and Her Beastly Love
” I enjoyed every page and look forward to reading the other fairy tales Bloom has transformed into newer spicier versions.” (Read the complete review here.)

Let me tell you, there is no better feeling than when someone enjoyed your work enough to leave a positive review. It warmed my heart and made me so psyched about finishing the bonus story I’m writing just for my list subscribers. You guys rock and I totally love you.

Have a great weekend.

And, as always, May your love stay in bloom.


The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion to Stay Free

I’ve always liked series where I can try the first one for free or a low price.  Since I like it as a reader, I’ve decided to stick with it a bit as an author.

Last month, I decided to try giving away the first story in the Passion-Filled Fairy Tale series. Since then, the story has been downloaded a decent amount, and I’ve seen follow-through sales of the other two books in the series. So, I think I’ll just leave it a free. It’s a fun tale, and gives you a feel for whether you’d like the rest of the series. Though, admittedly, the Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion is shorter than the remaining books  in the series.

At the moment, I’m working on the fourth book in the series: Dream Tryst. It’s a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story, and I’m having a ton of fun writing it. I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great day.

Box Set Available for Romance: Trysts collection

Trysts_Compilation1_2015SEPT16For those who prefer a collection of shorts, I’ve put together all the Romance: Trysts stories in a boxed set. Volumes 1-4 are available for just $2.99.  Here’s the blurb, with brief descriptions of each book.

Get all four Romance: Trysts shorts in one collection. Trysts are always short, sexy and scintillating. Sometimes they’re sweet and sometimes they’re downright sinful. (Below is an abbreviated description. Click the title if you want a fuller description of each story.)

Tryst No. 1: Dr. Carter & Mrs. Sinn. Mrs. Sinn seeks out a sexy doctor to assist with her heart palpitations, and the two heat up the exam table.

Tryst No. 2: Nikki & Mike. After a needed breakup from bad boyfriend, good girl Nikki decides to be good to herself, and has a sexy time with farm boy Mike.

Tryst No. 3: Tristan & Blair. Tristan thought he met the girl of his dreams years ago, but was that lovely lady the girl of his dreams, or is he destined for someone else? Find out in this sweet, sexy tale.

Tryst No. 4: Jack & Brenda. Firefighter Jack is a man who wants love but hasn’t had time to find it. When a snow storm brings Brenda to his doorstep, the two connect in ways that sizzle and spark.


buy on Amazon

While this title is only available at Amazon, it is not in the Kindle Unlimited program. Tryst No. 4 is currently exclusive to Kindle and in the Kindle Unlimited program. Once Tryst No. 4’s exclusivity expires in November, the collection will be available at other platforms.

Review: Beauty and her Beastly Love

Another great review for Beauty & Her Beastly Love!




Read from June 19 to 20, 2015 — I own a copy

Synopsis: If you enjoy a hot and steamy romantic fairy tale, then this retelling of Beauty and the Beast is for you.

In this grown up version of Beauty and the Beast, we meet Beauty, a sheltered young girl living in the French countryside with her father. She doesn’t get out much, but her tutor has given her books that she is supposed to read privately. The books all have a rose imprinted on the cover and describe the ways in which men and women love each other. The books give Beauty ideas about pleasures of the flesh.

Just like in the traditional tale, Beauty’s father, Pierre, sets off on a journey and ends up taking refuge in an enchanted dwelling. Pierre takes a rose-covered book, like the ones his daughter reads, and is caught by the beast…

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Tryst No. 4 is Here!

trysts4jackandbrenda_reducedHappy Tuesday to you. I just wanted to let you all know that Tryst No. 4, Jack & Brenda, has arrived.

I’m so glad it’s finally out there. It’s another fun, short tale.

Unfortunately, I’m having some wrist issues at the moment that prevent me from typing too much. So, I’m pretty certain that’s going to delay the publication of my Cinderella story (part of the Passion-Filled Fairy Tales series).  But, hopefully not by too much. I’m already working on covers for it, so I won’t have to do that, too, once I’m able to type for longer stretches.

Anyway, that’s all I’m going to write for today, so I don’t overtax my wrists. Have a great rest of the week.  I’m copying and pasting the book description below.


Jack & Brenda

Jack is a firefighter, who’s a man down at his station due to a massive snow storm. Alone, pondering the evening when he hears a knock on the fire house door.

Brenda is a nurse trying to get to her shift whose car goes kaput outside the fire station.

Jack offers to warm Brenda up and things smoke for the firefighter who has a thing for pretty feet and the nurse who’s in need of some TLC.

Only on Amazon. FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers; 99 cents for others.