Box Set Available for Romance: Trysts collection

Trysts_Compilation1_2015SEPT16For those who prefer a collection of shorts, I’ve put together all the Romance: Trysts stories in a boxed set. Volumes 1-4 are available for just $2.99.  Here’s the blurb, with brief descriptions of each book.

Get all four Romance: Trysts shorts in one collection. Trysts are always short, sexy and scintillating. Sometimes they’re sweet and sometimes they’re downright sinful. (Below is an abbreviated description. Click the title if you want a fuller description of each story.)

Tryst No. 1: Dr. Carter & Mrs. Sinn. Mrs. Sinn seeks out a sexy doctor to assist with her heart palpitations, and the two heat up the exam table.

Tryst No. 2: Nikki & Mike. After a needed breakup from bad boyfriend, good girl Nikki decides to be good to herself, and has a sexy time with farm boy Mike.

Tryst No. 3: Tristan & Blair. Tristan thought he met the girl of his dreams years ago, but was that lovely lady the girl of his dreams, or is he destined for someone else? Find out in this sweet, sexy tale.

Tryst No. 4: Jack & Brenda. Firefighter Jack is a man who wants love but hasn’t had time to find it. When a snow storm brings Brenda to his doorstep, the two connect in ways that sizzle and spark.


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While this title is only available at Amazon, it is not in the Kindle Unlimited program. Tryst No. 4 is currently exclusive to Kindle and in the Kindle Unlimited program. Once Tryst No. 4’s exclusivity expires in November, the collection will be available at other platforms.