Does True Love Exist?

Feeling a little blasphemous today, and thought I’d ask the question that feels almost like a rebuke to the romance genre. I mean, I love the idea of true love. I mean, who doesn’t love that scene in the Princess Bride when Miracle Max asks Westley what’s so important for him to live for and he says, True Love.

I mean, Wow. Heart strings appropriately tugged.

And of course all the fairy tales of note are solved by true love’s kiss.

But in the real world, is it really out there?

That’s a tough one. The romantic in me likes to think that there are lots of couples out there experiencing true love. Folks who accept each other for who they are–warts and all–and love and laugh through life.

But, I must admit, I’ve seen a lot of relationships fall apart recently and it’s dampening my confidence.

So, have you found true love, or have you seen it in the lives of people you know? Share in the comments.