When Romances Get a Boost by Pop Culture

The Bridgerton phenomenon on Netflix helped Julia Quinn’s wonderful romance series find renewed life, which is wonderful. I read all 8 books of the original series, plus three books in the spinoff series (I got them from the library, which didn’t have the fourth book, and I got busy and forgot about it until just this moment, so I’ll see if the library picked it up or just go out and purchase it).

Another romance writer is getting an unexpected boon from her other endeavors. Georgia voting rights activist and gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is getting three of her romance novels reissued. Abrams wrote the novels under the pen name Selena Montgomery in the early 2000s. Back in November, when Abrams was lauded for her work to help get Joe Biden elected, there were several memes going around letting folks know that Abrams also wrote romance novels.

I suspect this created the resurgence in interest in the books that has led her publisher to reissue them. Whatever the reason, I say, kudos.

I love it when romance books get a boost. I picked up two of the books in the series back in December and enjoyed them. Abrams had an easy style and spun an, ultimately, satisfying yarn. I’m glad others will get a chance to read them or consider picking them up.

There’s a lot of great romance novels out there, and it’s wonderful when some get more exposure so that fans can check them out and discover their next great read.

So, if you could decide which romance novel got some extra love and attention, what would you pick? Share in the comments.