What was Your Favorite Holiday Binge?

We’re a bit into the new year, and, for me, I’m just now starting to get back into the flow of a regular work week. I took off that week between Christmas and New Year’s, ate gloriously, stayed up late, and binged all sorts of shows.

I think I’m finally getting my normal sleep habits back so I can wake up for work in the morning and not feel completely addled. Now that I’m in that place, I think I can squarely lay the blame for my difficulties from staying up late binging holiday flicks like Bridgerton (and then reading the first couple of novels).

Rege-Jean Page is smoking hot as the duke and the whole series was a lot of fun, and so very rich. Upon reading the first couple of books afterward, it was disappointing not to see so much of the richness of character they clearly pulled from the later books. Because the Netflix show was a series, they gave you so much more of the Bridgerton side character siblings that it was really fantastic.

In addition to Bridgeterton, I also watched a bevy of other romantic films with a holiday vibe (California Christmas, Holidate, Holiday Calendar, This Christmas, 12 Dates of Christmas).

It was nice to just sit back and watch some fun, lighthearted things, even if they weren’t all perfect movies, but they were fun.

Of all the stuff I binged over the holiday, Bridgerton was definitely my favorite. What was your favorite show to binge over the holidays?