A new year, a new hope

After a rough 2020, 2021 has finally arrived and many are viewing it as a new hope. After a year with a monstrous pandemic, there is hope that 2021 has to be better. That the year could not possibly be worse than 2020. I hope that logic holds true. I definitely need 2021 to be better than 2020. Personally, it’s been an incredibly hard year for me.

But 2021 is not a panacea. It does not wash away all the lingering effects awfulness of 2020 just by the turn of the calendar. We are still suffering the consequences of 2020s badness. A pandemic is still raging, people are still dying, the U.S. is more partisan than ever, and those who were plunged into a depression over all the losses of 2020 are often still there.

However, the good news about 2021 is that we are seeing light, finally. There is hope there is an end to this tunnel. The vaccine will help, as will competent leadership. But we also need each other to help. We need to show compassion and love to our fellow man. We have to remember that societies function when people work together and care for each other. We have to remember that we, literally, are all in this together.

One of my favorite stories as a kid was the Little Red Hen. It’s about a hen who lives with three other barnyard animals. She asks them for help turning wheat into flour–particularly for cutting the wheat, bundling it, taking it to the mill–and then baking a cake with it (or bread, depending on the version). Each animal refuses to help, and so when the hen finishes, all the animals who refused to help show up wanting a piece of cake, and she tells them no. However, after that, the animals always help the hen when she asks.

And I think that’s the part people forget. The animals learn, and afterwards, they help in the future. Whatever has happened has happened. It’s time for everyone to forget about whether they got cake or not and pitch in to help in making 2021 the best year.

-Rosetta B.

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