Give Me a Break on These Breaks!

It’s April, which should be leading to that all consuming television time of May sweeps. And while I suppose May sweeps still exist, I’m getting a bit miffed at all my fave TV shows taking extended breaks.

On the bright side, this gives me time to read more and write more. Woohoo! But, it really disrupts my show flow, and makes me feel like that hollaback girl. You know, the chick you call when you want some loving, but not any other time. I mean, I show up for these shows every week, and they show up for me, um… when they feel like it. Seems a bit one-sided and irritating.

I’m particularly miffed at the Flash, which I have been totally into. Like, this show is the highlight of my week. My only must-see TV. I  am on pins and needles to find out who Savitar is (I have read the fan theories, and if they’re true, whoa! And if they’re true, I have an inkling of how Iris can be saved and it would be totally awesome). Given my excitement for the storyline, I was so ticked off last week when I learned the show wouldn’t be back until  after a three-week break.

I suppose television tries to avoid times people might miss out (Easter vacation, Christmas holidays, etc), but sometimes I feel like they just like yanking my chain.  I’m such a fan when I’m a fan, so I hate–really, really, hate–waiting once the storyline has begun. I totally show up every week. I just wish the shows would make the same commitment.  I used to be a total Scandalista, until one too many breaks followed by some “meh” episodes made me say, I really don’t care what happens.

I’m not suggesting they don’t take the occasional break, but I’d really like them to run straight through once they start. I’m all for a season that goes Jan-May uninterrupted, as opposed to Sept-May with several 4-week breaks.  It just so interrupts the momentum for me, and frustrates me if something has been really good. Alas, sometimes absence can make the heart grow fonder, and other times, out of sight, out of mind.

So, what’s your take on all the TV breaks. Just par for the course. You hate it and only do Netflix nowadays. Or some other cooler, blended answer?