My Apologies to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

03_Cinders-and-AshI was checking my Amazon author account the other day and noticed that I hadn’t had anyone in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited (KU) program read the book this month. Usually, on the Author Dashboard, you can tell how many pages of your books have been read. Cinders & Ash had zero, which I thought was odd.

For some reason, I didn’t think it odd enough, and figured things would pick up. However, I did happen to want to check the page numbers for my books enrolled in the Select (the author name of the program that allows books to be in KU) program. Amazon has a secret way of calculating a book’s total pages, and from time-to-time, the number of pages they calculate for you book will change. Beauty and her Beastly Love lost one page, so I noted that. When I went to check on Cinders & Ash, it told me it wasn’t enrolled in Select!

Enrollment in Select lasts 90 days, and you can check a box to automatically re-enroll a book. I must have, at some point, unchecked the box. Amazon doesn’t send notice of when your Select term is about to expire (which is fine), so I didn’t realize it had. So, I am very sorry, because I have been promoting the book on Twitter and Facebook saying it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited. But it hasn’t been because the book had expired from the program.

My apologies, and I’ll pay better attention in the future. I did re-enroll, so if you’re in Select, it’s now available. If you’re in Select and you bought Cinders & Ash when you normally would’ve just borrowed it, forward me your receipt, and I’ve got something special for you. You can contact me at rosetta (at)