A Great Review for Cinders & Ash

03_Cinders-and-AshI guess you could say I’ve been asleep at the wheel (or busy in my writing cave). I totally missed this AWESOME review of Cinders & Ash over at the Big Al’s Books and Pals blog.

Cinders & Ash is double the length of Ms. Bloom’s tales so far. The result is a well told story with well-defined characters and a plot of conspiracy against the throne.” (Read More)

Needless to say, I was quite happy with the review. So glad this book was enjoyed. It was a real labor of love (as it took three times as long to write as the other ones; I had a couple of false starts/stops because I deviated from the traditional tale so much).

If you haven’t read Cinders & Ash, it’s available as FREE  read for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.  Do check it out.

I’ll try to pop my head out of the writing cave a little more often. I’m trying to finish up the last 5,000 words or so of my Sleeping Beauty tale. I’ve got a tentative release date of March for it. I’ll keep you posted.

May your love always be in bloom