Ampersands are Sexy

AmpersandFor my Romance: Trysts series,  the stories are numbered and titled with the two main character’s names. On each book, an ampersand (&) is used to join the names. I love this. I think ampersands are super sexy. Why?

  • It looks a bit like two joined people, united, embracing
  • It’s very fluid, just like a good romance.
  • It seems to want to curl around you and embrace you.

It’s the perfect joinder for two words,  so I love the way it looks on a cover.  I’m actually a little disappointed that some sites don’t read ampersands in html, so I have join the title names with “and.” While and is great in a sentence, it doesn’t look sexy, not the way an ampersand does.

So, what do you think? Are ampersands sexy? Are there any other symbols or punctuation marks you guys find sexy?

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