So How Many of You Use Kindle Unlimited?

Happy Wednesday to you. I’ve got a lot on my plate today as I’ve got to take my daughter to the dentist to get a couple of baby teeth pulled. The adult one came in behind where it’s supposed to be, which means it didn’t push the baby teeth out. So, that means a pulling so the adult tooth has a spot to slide into. While it’s good for the adult tooth, feeling sad for the baby teeth. 😦

Anyway, this week Amazon announced some changes for authors whose books are in the Kindle Unlimited program. Because it’s not clear how the changes will work, I’m considering pulling some titles from the program. But, I’m wondering how much you guys use it. Yes, I get some borrows, but I get sales, too. Does being in KU matter on no?

As an aside, I put off the Tristan & Blair edits a little because I’m still up in the air about whether to enroll it in KU. I plan to finish going over the edits tonight and get it published soon.