Romance: Trysts have begun

trysts1DrCarterSinncoupleContrastHappy Tuesday to you all. I hope you had a great holiday weekend. Mine was fun and filled with travel. Heard the most awesome true love story ever. Really. A friend in her late 70s happened to tell us the story of the first time she saw her husband ( he was older than her, so she was just 13 at the time) and she told her twin sister that he was the handsomest man she’d ever seen. He had wavy blond hair, blue eyes, and a gray shirt and blue jeans. It was amazing the detail she remembered (they were married 40+ years; and he died more than a decade ago). Every time she speaks of him, her face just lights up. True love. In real life. That is lovely, I think.  Anyway, that may have planted a seed in my mind for a story.

I just thought I’d formally announce that the Trysts series I mentioned earlier is out, at least the first installment. These stories tend to be more erotic in nature than my other series, but still have the air of romance about them. The first in the series, Dr. Carter and Mrs. Sinn is a touch shorter than the others, which is why I thought I’d start the series with it. Though, it’s not as romantic as the others, so maybe it wasn’t a good choice. (I hate second-guessing myself).

Anyway, the plan is to release one every two to three weeks. The next two in the series are completed, and undergoing some edits now. I hope to have Tryst No. 2, Nikki and Mike up and out in early June. This is a great series for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, because it’s several short, quick reads that should leave you smiling satisfactorily when they’re over. (You may even want a cigarette 😉 ). I made a book trailer for Dr. Carter & Mrs. Sinn. I’ll stick that at the end. Also, a quick note that Beauty and Her Beastly Love is on sale, for just 99 cents this week. It’s part of a Kindle Countdown Deal so the price will tick back up on its ow accord at week’s end.