The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion is Released

pp_test_14_snell_yellowlineHappy Thursday to you. I just wanted to let everyone know my first novella, the Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion, is now available on Amazon. It’s just 99 cents, or free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

In this grown-up version of the famous fairy tale, Princess Adara is running from her old life and a forced betrothal. Adara wants love and passion, but knows she can’t get them back home. When a raging storm halts her escape, Adara seeks refuge in the first dwelling she sees.

Prince Richard is tired of the trite, vain, frigid princesses his mother introduces him to in hopes he’ll marry. On this stormy night, he’s in the mood to love a woman, but he’s all alone. Then, Adara arrives on the castle doorstep, saying she’s a princess in need of help. The queen is doubtful and decides to lock Adara in a room with a pea to determine if the girl is a real princess. Richard believes the beautiful, charming stranger, but he wants her locked in a bedroom for other reasons.

When Richard and Adara hook up, there’s more than a pea-sized bit of passion involved….

If you do pick up the book, I’d love it if you left a review, too. Thanks.

May your love always be in bloom,