Life-Saving Love

I’ve been reading about the Miami condo collapse and found it so incredibly upsetting. When tragedies like this happen, you keep asking why. And you hope that some miracle will find at least a few of the people OK. So, I’ve been reading a lot of the coverage to see if they’ve found any more survivors or if they have any understanding of why this horrible thing happened.

I ran across this story in the Washington Post story about Erick De Moura, who lived in the collapsed building, and was all set to go home when his girlfriend convinced him to stay at her place, even though he had an early morning meeting and needed stuff from his apartment for it.

Thankfully, he stayed. And he was not at home when the building collapse. She loved him and asked him to stay and he loved her enough to say yes, and it turned out to be life saving for him.

It’s a wonderful story amid such tragedy. It reminds us just how fateful a simple choice can be, just how it can change everything.

I’m glad for Mr. De Moura and his girlfriend. It’s a nice spark of warmth in this awful situation.

Real-Life Loves from Pre-School Get Married Years Later

Don’t you love those stories about kids who meet at a really young age, and one says, I’m going to marry you, and then 20 years later it happens?

That’s how it goes in books and movies, but rarely does it go that way in real life, right?

Well, you’re in luck if you want a real life sweetheart story, featured on Elite Daily. Matt and Laura had known each other since pre-school, and Matt knew then he wanted to marry her. Somehow (imagine that) they lost touch, but reconnected in high school, and they’ve been going strong ever since.  He proposed, she said yes, and now they’re married. Quite touching. It’s a great real life story with pictures (read it here).

One of my favorite stories in my Romance:Trysts collection is Tristan & Blair. It  involves a guy who fell in love at 8, and his attempts to reconnect to the past.  It plays on the same theme, except it’s fiction, and fully of steamy love scenes. If you haven’t checked out the collection, give it a shot. It’s available on Amazon and other retailers.