Almost at 40!

01_The-Princess-the-Pea-&the-Night-of-Passion_reducedHappy Thursday to you. I hope your week is going well.

I don’t normally check each book page daily, and Amazon doesn’t send notifications when there are new reviews on a book so I don’t always see a new review immediately.

However, I popped in this morning and saw that the Princess, the Pea, and the Night of Passion was up to 39 reviews on Amazon. That’s just awesome! I love it when readers leave reviews, and the last ones were really positive.

Here’s a couple snippets from two of them:

“Passion love and a lesson in eavesdropping wound into a unique version, a very adult translation of a wonderful fairy tale.”

“An old classic? No, it’s a really great adult version.This short story is well written, sensual, humorous and the characters were well developed.”

If you haven’t checked out the book, go ahead and give it a try. It’s FREE on all retailers.

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